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12" x 24" Reclamation Tank with Hemi Lid (no fittings)

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Recovery Tank Jacketed 12-24 (No Fittings) 35400ml

These jacketed Recovery tanks come in 2 different sizes, a 12 x 12 and a 12 x 24. They are the same, both come with Hemi Lids that end in a 6” tri clamp. There are 3 x Male NPT ports on the lid one of which leads to a dip stick to ensure that all the solvent is sucked out of the tank.

The jacket has two ¼” Female NPT ports one at the top and one at the bottom on the opposite side which allow the tank to be connected to a chiller/heater. When connecting the recovery tank up to the chiller/heater the user should always connect the fluid in to the bottom port so to flood the unit.

The tank has carry handles that are attached all the way around the vessel enabling the user to move it around with ease.

The reclamation tank has

  • 3 x ½” MNPT Ports
  • Cary Handles
  • Dip Stick
  • Jacketed
  • Capacity Specifications RECB12-12
  • 17700ml Net 21240ml Gross of Solvent
  • Capacity Specifications RECB12-24
  • 35400ml Net 42480 Gross of Solvent