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12CFM Dual Stage Pump with KF25 Port and Oil Mist Filter

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Twin Stage 283litre/Min 2x10-1Pa 15 Micron 600ml Oil Capacity 390 x 140 x 252mm 14.5kg

We also sell the vacuum pump lubricant, Rock Oil.

This pump can be used with our oil extraction equipment, chambers and ovens. If you want to connect the pump to a vacuum oven you'll need a connector hose with the right connections, you can get one from our Spares section. Using the pump with a chamber. We recommend a maximum of 15-20 minutes to run the pump and pull a deep vacuum It should take 10 minutes to pull the vacuum and then leave the pump running for another 10 minutes. After this initial pull you should see the vacuum drop as this is when most of the degassing occurs.

The vacuum can be maintained for up to 100 hours or longer but the pump itself isnt run continuously. Periodically let air in to your chamberto burst any bubbles and then pull the vacuum again, using the pump for another maximum of 20 minutes. This can be repeated intermittently and you can also flip your material as part of the degassing process.



When using a vacuum pump with the chamber always ensure there is oil in the pump and that it is clean and changed regularly. Let the pump cool between uses and dont have it running for prolonged periods of time. Afterwards ensure the pump and chamber valves are turned off in the reverse order of how you turned them on and disconnect the hose. Otherwise you may pull oil from the pump into the chamber. 

Thoroughly research the processes when using these products.

Only intended for the use of people over age 18