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6'' x 18'' Reclamation Tank with Hemi Lid (no fittings)

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BHO Hardware provide an extensive range of gas recovery tanks, with options and solutions for every level of extractor, whether that be a beginner who is just starting out or a professional extractor who is looking to expand.

The BHO Hardware 6” x 18” Reclamation Tank with Hemi Lid is the perfect reclamation tank for a beginner extractor. It's used to fill the material columns with solvent, and then used to recover the solvent from the collection base. A reclamation tank also allows you to recycle the solvent which in turn keeps the extraction costs down.

BHO Hardware reclamation tanks are designed to work perfectly with all our extraction kits with efficiency and ease of use at the forefront of all our products. Our reclamation tanks are an excellent addition to an extractor's kit. The reclamation tanks are supplied with industry-standard fittings which enables these tanks to be added to almost any extraction setup.

The hemispherical lid has two viewing ports that allows the extractor to view the solvent movement and always have an accurate indication of the volume in the tank. The inside of the reclamation tank has a level indicator which allows you to see the amount of litres of liquid solvent you have in the tank. The hemi lid also allows for 20% expansion of the solvent.

The reclamation tank has 4 x ¼ MNPT, 2 viewing ports and an inner level indicator.

  • ¼” FNPT 316 SS ball valves.
  • Stainless steel PTFE braided hose 2m.
  • 60mm vacuum gauge -30hg – 100PSI.
  • ¼” MNPT – MBSP 316 SS adapter.
  • 6600ml of solvent (15 cans of Whip-It! Premium Butane).