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Aitcool 4.5cfm Twin Stage Pump

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The Aitcool brand makes exceptional products - all their pumps are CE marked, a European quality standard.

This twin stage pump will efficiently pull a vacuum on medium-sized chambers, such as the 8L and 11L, and our Hurricane and Tsunami rigs.

A twin stage pump has two rotors and vanes - one stage creates a vacuum and one cleans the system, ultimately creating a deeper vacuum. Faster evacuation, a cleaner process and quieter operation is possible with a twin stage. As you'd expect, this version is heavier and larger than the Aitcool 2.5cfm Single Stage Pump.

The pump comes as standard with rubber feet to dampen vibrations/reduce noise and a carry handle. Additionally a power supply and UK plug are included. This pump does not come as standard with a filter.

Please start by reading the instruction manual included. First, fill the pump with the supplied oil - take care to not fill past the halfway mark.

We recommend a maximum of 15 minutes to run the pump in total. It should take no longer than 5 minutes to pull a full vacuum. Once you have done this, close the valve on the chamber and then turn off the pump. Remove the hose between the pump and chamber to stop pump oil being pulled into the chamber.

After this initial pull, the vacuum can be maintained for up to 100 hours or longer but the pump itself can never be run continuously.

The chamber may lose a little pressure over a period of time, so simply turn on your pump and then open the valve on your chamber to pull a full vac again.

  • 1/2 HP motor.
  • 350ml oil capacity.
  • 220v/50hz voltage.
  • Weight: 8.6kg approx.
  • 320 x 125 x 232mm.
  • Partial pressure: 2Pa.
  • Total pressure: 150 microns.
  • ¼" SAE 3/8" SAE inlet port.
  • If there is low pressure please be sure to call us for advice instead of continuing to use the pump.
  • Please thoroughly research the processes when using these products.
  • Only intended for use by people over age 18.
  • When using a vacuum pump with the chamber, ensure there is clean oil in the pump and that it is changed regularly. If the oil gets dark it needs changing immediately.
  • Let the pump cool between uses and don’t have it running for prolonged periods of time (30-45 minutes).
  • Afterwards, ensure the pump and chamber valves are turned off in the reverse order and disconnect the hose, otherwise you may pull oil from the pump into the chamber.