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Aitcool Leak Detector

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Ensure your systems are airtight and leak-proof with Aitcool's Leak Detector. 

This handheld device is capable of quickly and accurately identifying leaks within a wide range of lab equipment/ close loop systems. The 40cm probe allows for the device to find leaks even in difficult to reach areas, and with noise and visual indicators to alert the user to potential leaks, this detector is perfect for ensuring all equipment is correctly assembled and safe for use.


  • A long flexible probe for easy testing
  • Built-in visual and audible alarms to alert the user to any leaks
  • An average of 8 hours of battery life

The Aitcool Leak Detector features a built-in rechargable litium battery with a micro-USB charging port. The unit will be fully charged within 4-5 hours. Operation is easy, with just four buttons: power on/off, reset, sensitivity (low/medium/high) and mute. 

Suitable for refrigerant CFC,HCFC,HFC refrigerant
Minimum of leakage ≤3g/year(R134A)
Response time ≤3s(regarding the size and distance source of leaks)
Life time of battery ≥8 hours
Charge Time 4-5 hours
Pressure of system under test ≥50 kPa
Life time of sensor ≥1year under normal usage
Power 5V
Calibration Auto
Weight Only 380g
Dimensions 6.5 c 3.5 x 16.5
Length of Probe 40cm
  • Ensure minimum airflow in the workspace to prevent misreadings.
  • Keep in 0-40°c