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Apollo 250 Extraction System

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Material Column Dimensions: 3" x 12"

Material Column Capacity: 212-364g

Please note, capacities are an estimate based on ideal material condition. You should allow for a 20% tolerance either way, depending on your biomass preparation.

BHO Hardware’s exclusive range of stainless steel extractor systems are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and are ideal for extracting essential health oils such as lavender and rose. The system enables the user to develop solvent pressure by closing the valve at the base and packing the extractor, before soaking the material and releasing the solvent and the essential oil via the bottom valve.

What makes our products stand out:

  • All BHO Hardware units are 304 grade stainless steel.
  • The only UK supplier to offer tubes with ice jackets (available only on 18" and 24" units).
  • MB valves on all lids as standard (controlled and safe flow of gas).
  • 4 prong stand / quadpod as standard to provide more stability.
  • 2 tri clamps provided with each unit.
  • 2 year warranty with BHO Hardware – excludes gaskets and screens.
  • Assembled in the UK on a BHO Hardware site.

At the top of the system, there's a 1/4'' ball valve with a hex nut gas inlet which has a 3mm hole perfect for fitting any type of canned solvent. The benefits of this are twofold, it enables you to vacuum the BHO tube out with a vacuum pump leaving no moisture or oxygen in the tube itself. When you administer the butane the gas will pass into the tube much quicker and it is also safer as there is no oxygen to react with the butane.

You can also let your products saturate in the cold gas held in the tube as you can close the ball valve at the bottom allowing the gas to soak your product. As the welded ball valve only allows gas to go in one direction you’re safe in the knowledge that the gas has nowhere to go and so makes it a safer process. We have developed this method and found we often achieve greater yields and a higher quality end product. As we provide the 4 stabilising legs the unit can stand up by itself so you don’t have to physically touch the freezing tube during the process of administering the gas. This makes the whole operation more comfortable and user friendly.

We also manufacture a  range of custom closed column blast tubes and closed loop extractors. Please contact us for more information.


  • Welded gas inlet ball valve

  • Jacketed material column

  • Quad pod legs

  • Welded gas outlet ball valve

  • 30 micron stainless steel filter

  • Low pressure clamps

  • x3 420ml of Whip-It! Premium, zero impurity butane (UK dispatch only)

  • Free roll of blast paper to extract directly onto.
  • Never put butane filled tubes in the freezer.
  • Always use in extremely well ventilated OUTDOOR areas.
  • Using dry ice instead of crushed will get the product much colder.
  • When packing the tube try to compress the product, this will help saturate all the product when you come to administer the butane.
  • Vacuuming the tube after you’ve packed the product helps remove any unwanted moisture and oxygen. The vacuum will enable faster filling of butane.
  • Freezing the vacuumed tube for a minimum of 2 hours before administering the butane will mean you don’t pull as much colour out of the product so it will improve clarity and increase yield.