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Buna Gaskets

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BHO Hardware offers a variety of gaskets, specifically chosen for the differing needs of extractors across the globe. Buna Tri-Clamp gaskets offer excellent compression set resistance and are designed to resist most oils and lubricants. Buna-N has an exceptionally broad range of chemical resistances which makes Buna seals a perfect option for most applications involving oils, solvents, gasoline and petroleum based products BHO Hardware Buna-N also boast excellent resistance to oxidation, ozone, weather and mould. Due to Buna's resistance to extreme hot and cold temperatures, abrasion, water and gas permeability Buna Gaskets are perfect for extraction with solvent. Buna gaskets can be used with Butane, Propane and Dimethyl ether, you can expect to get extended use of BHO Hardware Buna gaskets, however you will need to replace these periodically, the cost is minimal so it's best to swap these more regularly than actually required. BHO Hardware kits can be supplied with Buna-N gaskets on request. The working temperature of Buna gaskets are between 100°C and -40°C.

It's important for the extractor to check all the gaskets prior to each extraction to make sure they aren't defected in anyway. It always advisable to have spare seals available all the time in case you need to swap these out before you begin your extraction.

Key Features:

  • Low Temperature Working Range
  • Cost effective
  • Excellent Compressibility and Springiness
  • Excellent Resistance to Butane and Propane
  • Tear & Abrasion Resistance
  • Excellent Resistance to Butane and Propane



Buna-N (Nitrile)



Connection Type

Tri Clamp

Thermal Properties




Minimum for Continous Use (Static)


Brittle Popiont


Maximum for Continous Use (Static)


Gas Permeability


Durometer or Hardness Range

65 Shore A

Tensile Strenthth Range


Elongation Range (%)


Abrasion Resistance


Tear Resistance


Resilience / Rebound