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CMEP Oil-less Explosion-proof Recovery Pump

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The CMEP-OL is the first oil-less explosion proof recovery pump in the world that has been specifically designed with the extraction industry in mind!

This pump enables the user to recover solvent in less time, at lower temperatures. The maximum recovery rate is 75L per hour and by using the pump in conjunction with a condensing coil, the user can recover even more efficiently. When used in this manner, the coil will be placed between the pump and the recovery tank. We found that you can recover 30L of solvent at 28-30°C, and at these temperatures the user will retain most of the plant's terpene profile. Recovery can be increased by heating up the base even further, but if the user goes higher than 45°C recovery slows as the pressure going into the pump becomes greater than the pressure out. At this point we found that recovering with 2 coils and dry ice was more efficient.

Your safety and the safety of others are paramount, so you will be happy to know that the CMEP-OL meets UL explosion-proof safety standards and uses only food safe internal components. All internal metal components on the CMEP-OL are made from stainless steel, the same as a closed-loop extraction system.

This pump comes as standard with 3/8'' M-NPT ports. We offer an option to fit the pump with quick release valves making it easy to disconnect. The seals are made from PTFE (Teflon), making them leak-proof and impervious to hydrocarbon based refrigerants and solvents such as R600 (butane) and R290 (propane).

Please note, this product requires an electrical plug.

  • 3/8″ NPT inlet & outlet ports.
  • Fast vapor recovery rate: ≤157 lbs/h.
  • Ultimate vacuum capability: -29.48”Hg.
  • High pressure protection: 360 PSIG.
  • Voltage: 220 V / 50Hz.
  • Weight: 94 lbs.
  • Compressor gas displacement: 1.25cfm.
  • All stainless steel and PTFE components ensures your extracts don’t get contaminated or polluted.
  • Approved Refrigerants: R600, R600A and R290.
  • UL-listed explosion proof motor provides sparkless operation.
  • 1HP stainless steel oil-less twin-cylinder compressor.
  • Entire system specially designed for hydrocarbon recovery.
  • Meets UL explosion proof standards.
  • Engineered for 24-hour continuous duty working conditions.
  • NEMA 7 electrical enclosure (explosion proof).
  • Includes carrying handles and casters for easy moving.
  • Patent and UL certificates pending.