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Cold Trap 3L

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Our cold traps come ready to use out of the box for either butane/propane mixes or DME extractions. The central chamber where you put your dry ice slurry holds 2.5 litres and is made from 304 stainless steel.

The central chamber is held in place by a stainless steel clamp which is sealed using a PTFE gasket. This also ensures a good vacuum. There is a stainless steel lid that loosely fits on top of the inner chamber to cover the dry ice slurry and slow the rate of sublimation.

Either side of the cold trap are 2 x KF25 tri clamp ports - one sits at the top and one at the bottom on the opposite side. The top port attaches to the oven using a KF25 O'Ring and a KF25 clamp. This allows any condensable vapours time to condense as the air works its way around the cold trap towards the second KF25 attached to your vacuum pump.

The cold trap will catch any unwanted solvents going through your pump, which in turn will extend its life and make the whole process safer. This is where you will also catch the majority of terpenes that leave your oven that would otherwise be lost.

No hoses, clamps or seals are provided for the connection of the oven and pump so these must be bought separately: 

  • Outer height from base to lid: 310mm.
  • Outer dimensions from KF25 face - KF25 face: 240mm.
  • External chamber internal diameter: 155mm.
  • Internal chamber internal diameter: 130mm.
  • Internal chamber internal height: 220mm.
  • Internal chamber: 2.5l.