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Condensing Coil Kit 6m or 9.5m with 1/4" 316 Ball Valves and 1m Braided Hose

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Our Condensing coils are made from 304 stainless steel. We have two coil lengths: 6mtr and 9.5mtr - please select which size is required. Both come with ¼” M-NPT threads on the end of each outlet. 

The kit comes with two 316 stainless steel ball valves and then the choice of either ¼” M-NPT fittings or 7/16 JIC fittings, this can be selected from the drop-down menu provided.  The last item that comes in the kit is the 1 mtr braided hose that can be selected from the drop-down menu.

Our condensing coils can be used in a few different ways we mainly use them to speed up the recovery process.

Recovery Process

The coil is installed between the collection base and the gas recovery tank, as you warm up the collection base the liquid solvent will start to turn into a vapour allowing it to burn off through the braided hose which is attached to the condensing coil sat in your dry ice slurry.  As the condensing coil has a larger surface area than the gas recovery tank the vapour condenses into a liquid much quicker allowing you to speed up the recovery process.

Vapour Push

The coil can be installed in warm water as the liquid solvent passes through the coil it will turn into a vapour, this could be useful if you wish to do vapour push for example.

DIY Chiller

If you have jacketed tubes, splatter pans or solvent tanks and you cannot afford a chiller then a condensing coil can help you achieve the same goal for much less money.  What you will need is the following

  • Pump
  • Small barrel max 100 ltr
  • 35 ltr bucket
  • Iso propanol
  • Dry ice
  • Antifreeze liquid
  • Condensing coil

The pump pumps the antifreeze around the condensing coil that is sat in the dry ice slurry which then passes through the jacketed hardware that you wish to chill working its way back around to where it started.