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Condensing Coils

Condensing Coil 6 Inch Assembly No Hose6'' Condensing Coil with Fittings

Using Condensing Coils in BHO Extraction 

If you're already familiar with BHO extraction, you may be looking to speed up the process of recovering your solvent so that you're quickly ready to perform another run. Condensing coils can make a huge difference to this process. But, there are a few different ways you can integrate them into your extraction setup. 


Recovery Process

In this method, the coil is installed between the collection base and the gas recovery tank. As you gradually warm up the collection base, your liquid solvent will begin to transform back into a vapour, allowing it to burn off via the coil and through an attached braided hose. Our condensing coils are available with hoses (stainless steel and non-kink PVC), or without. Your condensing coil should ideally be sitting in a dry ice slurry (a mixture of dry ice and isopropanol alcohol), keeping it as cold as possible. Because the surface area of the condensing coil is much larger than the gas recovery tank, and the coil is kept at an extremely low temperature, the solvent is pushed through quickly into a warmer environment.

Vapour Push

Alternatively, the coil can also be installed in warm water rather than an icy slurry. As the liquid solvent passes through the warm coil it will turn into a vapour - this can be useful if you wish to do vapour push for example.

DIY Chiller

If you have jacketed tubes, splatter pans or solvent tanks and you cannot afford a chiller, then a condensing coil can help you achieve the same goal for much less money.  What you will need is the following

  • Pump
  • Small barrel max 100 ltr
  • 35 ltr bucket
  • Iso propanol
  • Dry ice
  • Antifreeze liquid
  • Condensing coil

The pump pumps the antifreeze around the condensing coil that is sat in the dry ice slurry which then passes through the jacketed hardware that you wish to chill working its way back around to where it started.