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Dio-tech 100W Far Red and UV-A Infill Bars

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Our lighting solutions have been designed by growers, for growers. The result of years of dedicated research and development to optimise plant growth performance.

The infill bars have been designed to integrate seamlessly into the main unit, not only so that the fixture hangs level but so all of the LEDs fire up at the same time. This ergonomic approach saves money, time and keeps the grow environment clean and tidy.

Dio-Tech 100w Infill Bars Features:

  • Integrates seamlessly into the main fixture, no additional timers or power supplies needed for UVA and Far-Red infill bars the Dio-Tech unit does it all.

  • UVA unlike UVB can be left on throughout the entire flowering photo period without damaging your plants.

  • Far red chips enabling the Emerson effect

  • Moulded clips

Integrates seamlessly into the main fixture.

Unlike other leading LED units, the Dio-Tech UV/FR bars plug directly into the wing of the light and are both powered and controlled from the light, this excludes the need for external timers or power sockets to use your infills. All other market leading UV/Red bars on the market need to use external timers and heavy power cables which can pull your LED unit onto an angle when fitted.

UVA unlike UVB can be left on throughout the entire flowering photo period without damaging your plants.

Optimise your plants performance and yield throughout the flowering period with our unique UVA/Far Red Light Bars. Recent plant research suggests that expanding the spectrum of light outside of the “traditional” PAR range has significant effects on plant behavior. Exposure to UVA can increase terpene, antioxidant, flavonoid, plant resin and vitamin production in your plant.
Unlike UVB UVA can be left on throughout your plants flowering photo period and will help prevent powdery mildew and reduce infestations such as red spider mite.

Far red chips enabling the Emerson effect.

Far Red stimulates a phenomenon called the Emmerson Effect – this is an increased rate of photosynthesis when plants are exposed to light of wavelength 680nm (Deep Red) and wavelength greater than 680nm (Far Red) simultaneously. This creates a higher photosynthetic rate that far exceeds the sum of the Deep and Far Red photosynthetic rates individually, in turn increasing your yield.

Molded Clips

The streamlined infill bar clips are molded to fit snuggley over the bars of the main fixture, reducing movement preventing marking and keeping your infill bars exactly where you want them.