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Dio-Tech 830w Satellite Unit 2.9 Micromoles (830w Without Infill Bars - 930w With Infill Bars)

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Our lighting solutions have been designed by growers, for growers. The result of years of dedicated research and development to optimise plant growth performance.

The Dio-Tech is powerful enough to not only replace but entirely outperform your existing HID lighting, with light recipes tailored to give your garden the ultimate spectrum at every stage in the plant’s growth cycle.

 have come together with one of the leading commercial manufacturers of LED lighting to produce a first-to-market, all-in-one adjustable spectrum LED.

Dio-tech 830w Slave Unit

The Dio-tech 830W LED combines top end Osram Chips to make growing both simple and most of all effective from its ergonomic design making it easy to use, operate and understand its settings from the LCD display on the primary Unit.
Making it easy to use and understand for every user type. 

The slave can be used stand-alone or as a part of 49 units controlled by the primary fixture.
When not plugged into a primary unit - the satellite unit will switch on in F1 spectrum at 830w which gives a larger spike of red.

The Dio-Tech Slave Unit is the extension unit for the primary. Simply plug this unit into the primary unit with the supplied cables.

The in-Built controller on the primary unit will then control all the daisy-chained slave units at the touch of a button

Each Master Unit can control 49 satellite units, All from the in-built controller on the primary unit. Each light connected to the primary unit will Reproduce the spectrum and timing conditions that the master is running.

The Satellite is capable of the following spectrums:-
V1 – Vegetative Spectrum
F1 – Flowering Spectrum
V1 UVA/FR - Vegetative Spectrum (with Enhanced UVA/FR bars) -sold separately
F1 UVA/FR -  Flowering Spectrum (with Enhanced UVA/FR bars) -sold separately

Please note: this LED fixture must be plugged into either the Dio-Tech primary unit or the Dio-Tech Remote Controller to function with all available options..
This unit will start up in the F1- Flowering spectrum without the use of a Dio-Tech Controller.

2.9 micromoles umol/J (Using input power 830w)
3 Year Warranty Included
RoHS passed/approved
CE compliant
830w LED
Choice of modes for Veg & Flower Spectrums


Control LED

Dio-Tech Technical info

Lighting Spectrums



Dio-Tech Vegetative Spectrum (V1)

Dio-Tech Vegetative Spectrum (V1)Dio-Tech V1 Spectrum: 100Hours 25C

Dio-Tech Flowering Spectrum (F1)

Dio-Tech Flowering Spectrum (V1)