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Edwards RV8 Two Stage Rotary Vane Pump - RECON

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This is a RECON item, and as such has a 6 month warranty. 

The Edwards RV8 Two Stage Rotary Vane Pump is a solid, hard-working pump that will offer extractors a superior vacuum at impressive speeds. 

Operation is quiet (at just 48 dBA 50Hz) and smooth, and with over 300,000 units sold Edwards pumps have countless applications across a wide range of environments. 

Across the entire Edwards pump range, the RV pumps boast the highest vapour handling capacity of any rotary vane pumps available. This means these pumps are the best suited option for wet pumping applications, for example extraction and filtration. 

You can expect the inlet valve to act within just 0.4 seconds, keeping your operation safe and reliable. 


High reliability – generous lubrication of moving parts.
Safe process and systems – fast acting inlet valve for best in class anti‑suck back protection.
Configured to meet your vacuum needs – mode selector and two position gas ballast.
No unplanned downtime – designed for easy maintenance.
Better work environment – quiet running and intrusive frequencies minimised.
Two position gas ballast allows either 60 g/hr or a class leading 220 g/hr (290 g/hr on RV12) of water vapour to be handled.
Universal motor to cover the widest possible voltage and frequency range from a single variant.
Smooth controlled inlet valve opening by oil pressure to eliminate pressure surges.
Rapid closing inlet valve within 0.4 seconds of pump stopping

50Hz 9.7 m3h-1 / 5.7 ft3min-1
11.7 m3h-1 / 6.9ft3min-1
Speed (Pneurop 6602)  
50Hz 8.5 m3h-1 / 5 ft3min-1
10 m3h-1 / 5.9 ft3min-1
Ultimate Pressure 
2 x 10-3 mbar / 1.5 x 10-3 Torr
Motor Power 50/60Hz
450 / 550W
Weight (Without Oil)
28 kg / 61.6 lb
Oil Capacity (Min/Max) 0.45 / 0.75 litres
Inlet Flange NW25
Exhaust Flange  NW25
Nominal Rotation Speed 
1500 / 1800rpm
Power Connector 1-ph
IEC EN60320 C13
Operating Temperature Range 12 – 40 °C