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Will this vacuum chamber hold a vacuum for an extended period of time?
Yes, Our chamber is rated to lose no more than 2.5inHg over 24hrs.

Are these vacuum chambers safe?
Yes, all of our chambers have been tested to their limits to ensure that they are strong enough for their advertised applications. Acrylic is an inherently strong material, which is why in proper applications, it is bullet resistant much like poly-carbonate. Do not believe claims that poly-carbonate is "Bullet Proof", it is not. Only in proper applications with multiple material laminates can poly-carbonate be considered bullet proof.

Can these chambers be heated?
Yes, many of our customers routinely heat these chambers. The chamber can safely be heated up to 160F, in excess of that the user assumes all risk.

What kind of pump do you recommend for your chamber?
We have paired our chambers with recommended pumps in the products labeled as "kits," but any vacuum pump will work. All of our chambers have been tested up to a 9 CFM Dual Stage.

Is there any assembly required?
Yes, customers will need to remove the protective paper from the lid on arrival, cut the calibration tip off the gauge, and install your gasket. The gasket goes on like a large rubber band. Setup time is about 1 minute.

If you intend to use our systems for pen blank infusion with an acrylic based resin, we recommend our "Glass Vac" chamber designs.
Acrylic based resins will deteriorate polycarbonate and acrylic lids, but will not harm our triple tempered glass lids.

Chambers with pot handles are bench tested in a water bath to ensure that there are no leaks.
If a leak is found, we will seal the rivet with a high temperature sealant compound that does not out-gas under 400f, which exceeds our chambers operational temperature.


How quick will my order be sent out?
We aim to dispatch orders on the next working day and the bulk of them go by next day courier. If you order a smaller item such as a vape pen then it’ll go via a 48-hour service.

Can my delivery be tracked?
Yes, we send all parcels tracked and when the order is dispatched we update the system with the tracking reference. If the number starts with 411 it’s gone via UK Mail, if it’s letters such as GG then it’s Royal Mail. Any others and it’s probably a pallet, these are tracked but not via a system visible to the customer. 

How much does delivery cost?
Free to the UK unless it needs to go on a pallet. This only applies to ovens and the large blast systems as they’re huge!

We also send orders internationally which has a standard cost of £25 currently but this is liable to change. If you’re making a large order for overseas delivery we may have to add a little on to cover the charges. 

After buying

What if I can’t figure out how to use the equipment I buy?
We’ll always be able to offer advice and support after you’ve bought something from us. We have a small but perfectly formed team of people who will be able to answer your question or at least find the person who can. Don’t worry about contacting us for advice, we’re happy to help!

Something broke, what do I do?
There is a 2-year warranty on all BHO Hardware equipment except screens & gaskets. If you’re having problems with our products them please don’t hesitate to get in touch. It may be a simple fix but either way we’ll see what we can do to help.

The vape pens have different warranties, these are noted on each product page. In short the Starry has a 1 year warranty and everything else is 6 months.
Large orders

I want to place a massive order; can I get a discount?
If you’re after a lot of kit then by all means send us an email to and we’ll put together a quote. If it’s big enough we may be able to give a discount.