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Fully Jacketed Column with 2'' Sight Glass

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These parts are exactly what we use to build our blast tube assemblies. Very useful if you're wanting to keep your existing equipment but expand your kit. Our 304 stainless steel columns are where the magic happens - fill with your material and wash with you chosen solvent.

These fully jacketed columns remove the need for dry ice as a methanol/ethanol mix can be circulated through the jacket at temperatures around -80°C. You can also pump the same mix through to heat up the column to push out residual butane. This is a very efficient way to change the temperature of your column without dropping dry ice and then filling with warm water. The ports that the coolant passes through are 3/8" male.

This column has a 2" sight glass so that the user can view solvent coming through at the top and tell when the material column is indeed full of solvent. Our design is superior to a sight glass all the way round the top of the column as found on some products; this 2" borosilicate glass keeps the pressure within the column high because the surface area is not as big. You also don't need to add the clamps and Viton gaskets and it's less likely to leak. You can attach a torch (sold separately) if you wish for even clearer visibility.