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Gas Inlet Tee 1.5" Pressure Gauge Upgrade

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1.5S-TG SHIELD Gas Inlet Tee Shower Head Assembly This gas inlet end cap valve is made from 304 stainless steel and comes complete with The 1/4" female NPT hex nut fitting This connector has a 3mm hole drilled into the centre allowing the user to easily inject solvent from any standard Can into the system. The Product also comes as standard with a shower head which enables the solvent to be introduced evenly into the material column reducing dry spots. This product is an upgrade to the standard Gas inlet valve that come with our “Shield” Safe blast Systems as the Unit comes with a pressure gauge Attached which works from -30PSI to 100PSI with an option of 300PSI, this model also measures in Bar from which ranges from -1 to 7. This enables the user to see what pressure there is within the material column. This Product can be adapted to use with our closed loop systems by removing the 1/4" female NPT hex nut fitting and replacing it with a male to male thread which is compatible with the users reclamation tank and hoses.