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Gaskets with Mesh Filter

BHO Hardware have a range of Gaskets with Mesh filters, these are designed to be easy to use and ideal maller extraction kits, and great additions to larger extraction system filtration kits. The gaskets can be supplied in Buna and VIton and are available in 1.5" and 3" sizes. The mesh filters vary from 150 micron to 5 micron.

An useful place to use these is at the bottom of a material column, the gasket with mesh filter will stop the material from clogging up a filter plate, and will allow the solvent to flow easily through the system.

Another great place to use these gaskets is at the bottom of the ball valve connecting the material column and, this will be used as a 'safety' filter, if any debris were to get through the other filtration, this will stop them entering the collection base and infiltrating your oil.