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Harvest Right Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer - Large

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Harvest Right Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer - Large - No Pump Included

Utilising patented technology and a user-friendly automated system, Harvest Right Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers do not diminish the freshness, potency, colour and nutritional value of your organic biomass while freezing. 

While it's always advised that you remove as much water as possible from your plant matter prior to extracting, many methods of water extraction rely on heat to produce results. This heat can unfortunately destroy the enzymes and terpene profiles you've worked hard to build in your biomass. 

Harvest Right's Freeze Dryers remove the unwanted water from plants and organic compounds while they are in a frozen state. This locks in the freshness and quality of herbs and plants. Their appearance, nutritional content, and potency remain the same as when they were fresh.

You can expect your Freeze Dryer to remove all water from your plants within just 24 hours - no other preservation method comes close to this speed.

  • Seven times faster than air drying
  • High quality stainless steel elements
  • The ideal drying temperature for each material
  • Preserves freshness and potency
  • Completely automatic functionality
  • Intelligently managed freeze drying
  • 6.5 square feet of tray space
  • Capacity for four litres of ice
  • Generous batch capacities
  • One year limited warranty included
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Perfect for freeze drying herbs, pharmaceuticals and compounds

The Large Freeze Dryer boasts:

  • 10.25 square feet of tray space
  • Space for 8 trays (each tray measuring 9'' x 20.5'' x 0.75'')
  • Capacity for 6 litres of ice

Your Freeze Dryer 

  • 57cm x 65cm x 83cm 
  • 10.25 square feet of tray space

The Large Harvest Right Freeze Dryer ships in one package with a total weight of 253lbs/114.75KG.