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Helios High Temperature Circulating Bath Heater 20L

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Our 20L high temperature liquid recirculating bath is a great addition to any laboratory setting. This unit is compact and well built, it comes with casters so is easy to move into position. It has two ports on the right hand side that enable the heated fluid to circulate around the user's desired equipment and then another allowing it to flow back. 

The liquid out port is situated at the bottom of the unit and is labelled “Export” this comes with a ½” Thread and is supplied with a ½” Female Ball Valve. The fluid in port is situated at the top of the unit and is labelled “Import” - this comes with a ½” M-NPT port.

In the 20L liquid chamber, which is situated on the top of the recirculating bath, there is a coil which heats the liquid. This heater is controlled via a fine tuned PID controller which keeps the temperature of the liquid at the desired setting. The controller clearly displays the set temperature and the working temperature. The user can also set a time they wish to heat for, there is a button for heating and another which commences the cycle.

This water bath when paired with our Closed Loop/rack systems speeds up recovery times and enables the user to recover at a consistent temperature, unlike working with other apparatus you will find that the liquid in this heater will get up to temperature very quickly. From 0 degrees to 30 degrees should take approx. 15 minutes.