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Honey Slick Pre-Cut PTFE Oven Sheets for 0.9 Ovens

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Out of stock

Honey Slick Pre-Cut PTFE Oven Sheets 14'' x 14'' (35.56cm x 35.56cm) for 0.9 Ovens 0.12mm Thickness (Pack of 12)

Honey Slick pre-cut oven sheets are a laboratory-grade PTFE sheet designed specifically for the extraction market. No more cutting or worrying about the sheet rolling back up, Honey Slick Oven Sheets are more non-stick than parchment paper, easier to use than parchment paper, and stronger, thicker, and more reliable than parchment paper. Choose Honey Slick Oven Sheets and say no to parchment paper!

  • Pre-cut for 0.9CuFt vacuum ovens
  • 100% resistant to non-polar solvent
  • Perfect for extensive, direct exposure to solvent
  • Heat transfer rated up to 260°c
  • Great as packaging for sticky extracts


  • Do not exceed 260°
  • Repeated folding may crease the surface of the PTFE paper over time