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Hurricane S 2000

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BHO Hardware's exclusive range of Closed Loop Extraction Systems are manufactured from 304 & 316 stainless steel and are ideal for extracting essential health oils from plants such as oregano and lavender, it is also possible to extract oil from the bark and roots and example of this would be sandalwood.

Material Column

The Hurricane S 2000 model is a top-fill passive closed loop extractor, with one 4'' x 36'' Fully Jacketed Material column. Our columns all come as standard with the 3/8'' M-NPT ports on opposite sides and at opposite ends of the material columns the ports allow for good flow of coolant fluid around the system.


The Hurricane S 2000 models all come with a 1.5'' three-piece ball valves which are clamped to a 3-1.5'' plate reducer, this enables the user to easily switch out the 1.5'' ball valve for a 3'' three-piece Ball valve.

The plate reducer is Clamped to our 10'' x 10'' hemi collection base which boasts two, 2'' large sight glasses giving huge viewing windows into the base but at the same time retaining maximum pressure rating.

The base has four ¼'' M-NPT ports, and comes as standard with heavy duty carry handles which is essential for these size systems the handles also act as protection from knocks occurring to the ball valves that are found around the edges of the base.

Pulling a vacuum or using nitrogen is made easy with the Hurricane Extreme S, the base, recovery tank and the gas inlet on the material column comes fitted with a quick release stainless steel socket coupler, a stainless steel braided hose is supplied with the male connecting hose tail, this hose can be left on the users vacuum pump or attached to the users Nitrogen regulator allowing for quick and simple uncoupling.

The Jacketed Splatter platter for these systems are 3'' deep allowing for multiple runs before having to pour. The outer jacket has a 20mm and surrounds the whole pan. There is a 3/8'' M-NPT ports on opposite sides and at opposite ends, one at the top and one at the bottom. The inner sides of all our splatter pans have curved edges allowing for easy cleaning etc.

Please note that the rest of the ports come with ¼'' M-NPT to hard wire the solvent lines into

Reclamation Tank

The oversized Hemi jacketed reclamation tank measures 12'' x 20'' and comes as standard with 2 large 2'' sight glasses, heavy duty carry handles, and 5¼'' M-NPT ports. The opening at the top of the Tank is a 6'' tri-clamp. As standard the tank comes with a blanking plate but has been designed so that the user can retro fit one of our internal condensing coils to use with an external Chiller/heater.

The inner level indicator is a great addition allowing the user to better gauge what they are putting through the material column and gauge how much butane they are losing per run.

The jacketed inner wall measures 20mm and comes with 3/8'' M-NPT ports on opposites sides and at opposites ends, one at the top and one at the bottom.

Ball Valves and Gas Inlet Valves

All our ¼'' connecting pieces now come in 316 stainless steel. Being a harder material than 304 stainless steel the threads are cut better, last longer and more importantly reduce the possibility of leaks occurring. The system now comes with 316 stainless steel ¼'' ball valves, all the valves are colour coded and labelled helping in the assembly and use of the system

The Hurricane S 2000 comes as standard with a Nitrogen assist shower head gas inlet assembly.

Please notw this system does not have to be used with Nitrogen for it to work

The Basics

Solvent is moved throughout the closed loop system using a vacuum, pressure and temperature manipulation, the temperature manipulation is achieved by the user's choice of chiller. The chiller will be coupled up to the reclamation tank and the material column. To move the solvent quickly around the system, Nitrogen or other inert gasses can be used, this enables the solvent to be kept at the lowest possible temperatures.

The base does not need to be chilled, but the splatter platter would be hooked up to our LCB-20 - Liquid High Temp Circulating Bath or something similar, this will help keep a steady temperature around the splatter platter, hugely aiding in the recovery process.

Using the pressure and temperature manipulation the closed loop system can pass solvent from the reclamation tank into the top fill dewax column, the solvent then passes over the material collecting the oil.
The oil and solvent then flow into the collection base. The solvent is then recovered to the reclamation tank leaving behind the oil in the splatter platter at the bottom of the collection base.

The Reclamation tank has an inner level fill indicator which allows for extremely accurate solvent measurement. The system is supplied as a passive system, it can be upgraded to an active system with a CMEP-OL explosion proof recovery pump.

The collection base and reclamation tank has enough solvent capacity to wash the material over three times in one run, this allows for greater yields and more efficient use of time

BHO Hardware closed loop systems can be supplied with either Viton, Buna or EPDM gaskets, depending on the solvent being used for the extraction. BHO Hardware also supply a wide range of gaskets with mesh filters, varying from 5'' 150 microns, these are also available in Viton, Buna & EPDM.

Which filter you choose will be influenced by your desired result, for those who want to remove as many waxes and lipids as possible will need to use a low micron such as a 5-micron filter. Extractors who want to preserve some yield, will only want to go as low as 30 microns.

We pressure test each component part at 100 psi using nitrogen. Once these component parts pass their test, we then assemble the whole system and then retest to make sure everything is 100%. Each system is left for a minimum of 24 hours with 100 psi of pressure before it gets the green light ready for sale.

  • 1 x 4” shower head with nitrogen assist and quick release coupler
  • 4” x 36” 304 Stainless Steel Fully Jacketed (1200g) Please note, capacities are an estimate based on ideal material condition. You should allow for a 20% tolerance either way, depending on your biomass preparation.
  • 316 stainless steel ¼” Heavy Duty Ball Valves all colour coded and labelled stainless steel 1.5” Heavy Duty Ball Valves
  • 10” x 15” Collection Base with Hemi Lid & 2 Viewing Ports & 5 M-NPT ports
  • 10” x3” Fully jacketed Splatter Platter 3/8” M-NPT ports
  • 12” x 20” Fully Jacketed Reclamation Tank with Hemi Lid, dipstick and 2 viewing ports and level indicator (available upgrade to condensing coil)
  • 2 x 2 metre Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Hose
  • 1 x 1cm Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Hose with hose tail connector for quick release couplers
  • Filter Plate with 150 Micron Mesh Filter
  • High Pressure Clamps
  • Viton, Buna or EPDM Gaskets
  • Glycerine filled vacuum gauges
  • Couplers, connectors, hex nuts etc
  • Instruction Manual
  • 4” x 36” Dewaxing Column Capacity
  • 1200g of material
  • 3987.80ml Gross (9.4 x 420ml Whip-It Butane Can)
  • 10” x 15” Collection Base with Hemi Lid Inc 3” splatter platter
  • 18696.81ml of Solvent (45 x 420ml Whip-It Butane Can)
  • 10” x 3” Splatter Platter I.U.A.T.T
  • 12” x 18” Reclamation Tank with Hemi Lid
  • 26917.65ml of Solvent (64 x 420ml Whip-It Butane Can)
  • Note all solvent capacity is measured at -20

Please note, capacities are an estimate based on ideal material condition. You should allow for a 20% tolerance either way, depending on your biomass preparation.

  • The Hurricane S 2000 is supplied with NPT fittings as standard.
  • 2-year warranty with BHO Hardware closed loop systems – excludes gaskets and screens
  • Designed, assembled & tested in the UK on a BHO Hardware site
  • Custom builds are available at request
  • Systems can hold a vacuum as low as -29.9inHg / -1 bar
  • Quick Release 304 Stainless Steel Coupler for Vacuum Pump and Hoses.
  • Never put butane filled tubes in the freezer.
  • Always use in extremely well-ventilated OUTDOOR areas.
  • Using a combination of dry ice and heat will help move the solvent more around the closed loop system.
  • Ensure you leave 20% space in the gas reclamation tank to account for expansion.
  • When packing the tube try to compress the product as much as possible, this will help saturate all the product when you soak the material in Butane.
  • Vacuuming the tube after you’ve packed the product helps remove any unwanted moisture and oxygen. The vacuum will enable faster filling of butane.