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Jacketed Splatter Platter with Carry Handles and Tri Clamp

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These splatter pans are made from 304 stainless steel and are mirror polished inside and out, they are designed with the rack or wall mounted systems in mind.

On the base of these jacketed collection pans we have welded a 1.5” tri-clamp in the centre. On the inside of the splatter platter we have made it so that there is a gradual incline which helps the solvent mixture move inwards towards the outlet.

Both the 12” and the 8” version have an inner depth of 4” so that makes these nice and deep to allow for multiple runs without having to pour, each version comes with heavy duty handles.

The outside jacket is 20mm making these heavy pieces of kit especially when full of liquid.

Hence why the 1.5” tri-clamp fitting is essential to pour without disconnecting. A Braided hose can be attached to the bottom enabling the user to pour without disconnecting from the Rack.

The idea is to be able to keep running and have less down time for the pour.

These splatter platters come in 8” and 12” tri-clamp spools and will need a 8” or 12” gaskets and clamps for it to seal correctly. The inner depth is 4” and the jacketed part of the product is 20cm. There is a single 3/8” M-NPT on opposite sides of the jacket. These ports are generally used to attach a chiller/heater to aid in the movement of solvent.

The Chiller/Heater will usually be attached to the bottom port first. This will be the fluid in, then the top port will be the return. Once the chiller/heater is turned on the fluid will flood the splatter platter reaching the top port then return to the chiller/heater to cool/heat some more before being pushed around again.

This is a great way to keep temperatures very stable on a part of the system that you want to keep consistent while you evaporate of your solvent.