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Molecular Sieve 3" X 12"

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BHO Hardware molecular sieve is designed to hold desiccant balls. It is a tube which is 3” in diameter that has a 5-micron stainless steel filter screen which is usually bonded into a Viton gasket, other materials can be used such as Buna or EPDM. The 3” Hemi end cap usually comes with a 1/4” M-NPT Thread but the user can choose their desired thread on the drop down menu, if the users choice of thread is not available please call 01226 399 837 or email us at The Hemi end cap is held in place by High pressure clamps.

The Molecular sieve comes in 2 sizes 3x12 and a 3x24, larger sizes can be made to order.

How to Use

The molecular Sieve is Placed between the Base or Evaporation chamber and the Recovery Tank as the solvent passes through the Tube which holds the desiccant balls any moisture/contaminants are filtered out. The 5-micron stainless steel filters stop any sieve dust from passing through into the Reclamation tank.

  • 304 3x12 or 3x24” Tri clamp spool
  • 3” Viton Gaskets with 5-micron stainless steel screens
  • Hemi End Caps down to ¼” M-NPT Threads (alternative adaptors can be selected)
  • Pressure gauge -30 – 100 psi