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Whip-It! Neo Torch

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Neo butane blow torch


BHO Hardware presents our completely exclusive range of high quality butane flame torches by the prestigious company Whip-It!.

The Neo range of torches are a high quality option; reliable and very easy to use.

What makes our products stand out


- Adjustable temperature control

- Removeable base - wide & stable

- Safety switch 

- Carrying case included

- Colour randomly selected at time of packing

- 1 x free Whip-It! butane can included with every order

- These torches come with a 5 YEAR guarantee.

Whip-it! Premium North Sea Butane has the highest Quality levels backed by worldwide governing bodies of the following Quality Control institutions; BSI ISO9001:2008, British Retail Consortium Certification Body, SGS System Certification, UKAS, ANAB and IAF. Whip-it! brand Premium North Sea Butane achieved Grade A for the Global Standards of Consumer Products.

Unlike most other brands, Whip-It! products are thoroughly refined multiple times to leave the products with an unprecedented low level of hydrocarbons.

Hydrocarbons are a broad group of chemicals that contain hydrogen and carbon atoms. If hydrocarbon products enter the lungs, breathing problems can develop. Serious injury or even death may result.

If they enter the lungs, they can cause a pneumonia-like condition; irreversible, permanent lung damage; and even death. Some hydrocarbons can cause other effects, including coma, seizures, irregular heart rhythms or damage to the kidneys or liver. 


Handy tips


-          It’s imperative that all pressurised cans are stored in a dry safe environment at room temperature. Adverse temperatures may cause the can to rupture.


-          Flammable

-          Explosive

-          Don’t puncture cans