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How we started

BHO Hardware was the first extraction specialists to create a retail presence in the United Kingdom, starting from humble beginnings in Sheffield city centre, where all of the systems were built, tested, and packaged up ready for shipping.

The first systems we produced included simple stainless steel open material columns , rudimentary closed loop systems and very basic entry level Vacuum Chambers which helped users purge their extracts.

After the first year, we moved to a larger warehouse, which allowed us to expand our stock holdings and introduce new fascinating lines in the extracts sector, including higher-quality laboratory drying ovens and considerably higher-quality closed loop systems.

BHO Hardware also started researching and moving towards distillation equipment which is something that we had not had time nor the space to evolve into.

Design, Evolution & knowledge

As the years have passed BHO Hardware has developed many of its own brands aiming to produce better products at more competitive prices. Examples of this would be our own brand of Vacuum ovens which we named “Helios” this brand carries through into all our scientific Equipment such glass ware plate chillers, rotary evaporators to name just a few.

BHO Hardware is no longer just a specialist in Hydrocarbon extraction we aim to have specialist knowledge in all areas of extraction this includes:

• Hydrocarbon extraction
• Evaporation
• Distillation
• Solventless extraction
• Steam distillation

We visit our UK and abroad manufacturers for both quality control and product spec information because we designed many of our items. We know how all of our products function inside and out, and we have spare parts for practically everything. This is critical from the standpoint of customer service, as it allows our experts to swiftly diagnose and resolve any issues that may develop, decreasing downtime.


Training is a key part of what we do at BHO Hardware, therefore we offer one to one training on everything we sell. This can be done at our Demo room in Barnsley or alternatively we offer onsite set up and training for both UK or overseas customers.

We have developed comprehensive user manuals for all our equipment and have a dedicated WhatsApp number enabling users to make video calls while on the job in any country, we find this works well and helps our customers there and then to answer any questions that may arise.

After sales

Obviously, the most costly aspect of investing in large-scale equipment is downtime. As a result, training is critical, as is having lots of spare parts and stock! BHO Hardware offers maintenance programmes to maintain your equipment in top shape. There are also out-of-warranty options.

With a dedicated WhatsApp line for tech help, BHO Hardware is always available. We utilise this because it is often necessary for our personnel to be able to see the equipment in order to best advise and issue solve for the user. This is an after-hours service so that our customers always feel protected.

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