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Qnubu Sealer

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Qnubu Sealer
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***Please Note, There Is A 2 Week Lead Time***

Brand Qnubu Press
Width 90cm
Length 40cm
Height 28cm
Colour Yellow


The Qnubu Pack Automatic Sealer is the latest product to from one of our favourite brands Qnubu. The Qnubu Heat Sealer is a horizontal sealing machine with a built-in automatic conveyor belt to help guide your parcels into your collection bin.

For best results, the Qnubu Sealer comes with an adjustable temperature control switch (which we found works best between 225 and 250), a built-in speed switch for the belt (remember, faster means more heat needed), a cooling fan and an emergency cut off switch.

It took us about 2 seconds to get this up and running, so we don't think you will have any problems but if you do this unit comes with a handy little instruction manuel.

Last but not least, if you can believe it, the Qnubu Automatic Sealer comes with a built-in date or batch number stamp.

This unit is capable of sealing a wide verity of industry used bags such as, Food Bags, Grip Seal and Mylar Bags.

Nows the time to get your very own production line up and running, with the Qnubu Pack Automatic Sealer.

- Sealing Width: 6-15mm
- Temperature Control: 0-300°C
- Conveyor Speed: 0-12 meter/sec
- Adjustable Conveyor
- Cooling Fan
- Data Print Kit: To stamp your data/batch on the bags)
- Power 800W
- Weight: 19 Kg
- Spare Parts & Tools included.