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Recirculating Chiller -80 +100

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Recirculating Chiller -80+100 (C10-80):

The C10-80 range of recirculating chillers are a high quality versatile and robust piece of kit that is a must have for any larger scale operation and use in conjunction to our rotary evaporators and rack systems, allowing for precision temperature control keeping temperatures at a consistent level. This series provide precise and reliable temperature control, with fast and efficient cooling.

With a large cap on the top of the unit and a built-in glass capacity reader, the user can quickly fill the chiller with their desired coolant to the required level. The internal plate inside then chills the coolant to the user set temperature as it enters the chiller’s reservoir.

The inbuilt pump then pushes the chilled fluid around the connected apparatus, lowering the systems temperature, before looping back around to the reservoir to begin the process again.

With ease of operation being paramount, these chillers could not be simpler to use, and come with an in-depth user guide to help you can use the chiller to its maximum potential.