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Rotary Evaporator 10L Automatic Lift With Recirculating Plate Chiller and ARV 8 Pump

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Rotary Evaporator 10L Automatic Lift With Recirculating Plate Chiller and ARV 8 Pump

Our Rotary Evaporator 10L Automatic Lift Kit includes:

Rotary Evaporator 10L Automatic Lift:

Our 10 Litre Rotary evaporators are perfect for removing unwanted solvents from extracts using evaporation as a gentle way of performing this task.

Our Rotary evaporator has a motor which is digitally controlled that works between 0-199rpm this allows you to rotate the evaporation flask thus leaving a thin film of oil and solvent around the bowl increasing the surface area and thinning the liquid, allowing it to evaporate quickly whilst it rotates in the heated water bath.

PEX20-30 Chiller:

The PEX range of recirculating chillers are a high quality, durable and extremely efficient sealed unit, making them perfect for larger scale operations and use with rotary evaporators. This series provide precise and reliable temperature control, with fast and efficient cooling. With cooling capacities ranging from 1200W up to 5745W, we stock chillers for a range of scales and scenarios.

With a large cap on the top of the unit and a built-in glass capacity reader, the user can quickly fill the chiller with their desired coolant to the required level. The internal plate inside then chills the coolant to the user set temperature as it enters the chiller’s reservoir.

Aitcool ARV-8 Rotary Vane Vaccuum Pump:

The ARV-8 is a top-of-the-range, industrial vacuum pump. It has a range of applications from vacuum ovens, to rotary evaporators, to short path distillation.

Rotary vane - also known as sliding vane pumps - are designed to pump for extended periods of time and are renowned for their ability to pull down to a deep vacuum. They are extremely reliable and work via a positive displacement principle, essentially trapping the fluid/vapour as it is pulled into the inlet pipe, trapping it in-between the vanes on the inside cam and forcing it through the outlet/discharge pipe.

  • Rotary Evaporator 10L Automatic Lift
  • PEX20-30 Chiller
  • Aitcool ARV-8 Rotary Vane Vaccuum Pump