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Rotary Evaporator 5L Manual Kit with 10L Chiller -30

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BHO Hardware has put together this entry level kit which is great for hobbyists. This kit enables the user to run all day everyday recovering approximately 3 litres of solvent every hour. The rotary evaporator has a manual lift bath which the user can move up and down using the screw handle on the front of the unit. 

Rotary Evaporator

This model comes with a 5ltr rotary flask and a 3 ltr receiving flask.  This model has an inflow tap shown in the picture top left which enables the system to draw starting mixture from a reservoir through into the rotary flask the fluid is drawn into the system by negative pressure created by the recirculating water pump.  The tap can be closed to control the amount of fluid being drawn into the rotating flask.

The receiving flask has a release valve at the bottom enabling the user to release the evaporated fluid from the system without dismantling the unit.

The temperature of the bath is controlled via the panel to the right of the water bath and the RPM of the rotating flask is controlled via the panel in the top centre of the system with the pressure gauge just below.

Recirculating Water Pump

The vacuum on this kit we have put together is created by the water recirculating pump, which saves the user needing a cold trap. Solvent vapours do not affect the water recirculator. 


The Chiller keeps the condensing coil at the correct temperature.  This model has a large opening on the top which makes filling and cleaning this unit very simple.  The reservoir takes 10L of liquid transfer fluid and has a stainless-steel coil that wraps around the sides and cools the liquid inside. This model has an inbuilt pump which then circulates the fluid around the coil and back into the reservoir to cool down again.


Specifications Rotary evaporator

  • Rotary flask 5L
  • Receiving flask 3L
  • Rotating power 40w
  • 0-120 RPM
  • Lift 0-120mm
  • Heating Power 2kw
  • Voltage 220v/50hz

Specifications Recirculating Water Pump

  • Power 370w
  • Flow 40l/m
  • Lift 12m
  • Pump taps 4
  • Suction rate 40l/m
  • Capacity 15l

Chiller Specification


  • The lowest temp. with zero load -30℃

Inside and Outside Circulation Mode

  • Closed cycle system 
  • 10L Chiller 


  • The set temp.range -  ±100℃
  • Temp. control accuracy - ±0.1℃
  • The max. cooling capacity - 1835-150W
  • Circulation ability Flow Q=20L/min Lift 6m

Controlling Skill

  • Temp. control model - Electronic temp control
  • Setting model - Any set in the temperature range, The smallest display value 0.1 ℃
  • Security Guard - Delay, leakage, over-current, over-heat protection

The main mechanism performance

  • Refrigeration Unit - Closed compressor R404
  • Circulation Pump - Power100W、220V±10% 60HZ
  • Temperature Sensor Pt100、±100 ℃、Thermistor circuit Working conditions Ambient temperature ≤30℃ Humidity 60-80%
  • Working Power Supply - 220V 60HZ


  • Import and export of outside circle ¢Internal conjugate 8mm Material quality H62
  • Cooling tank size (mm) Φ220×180 Material quality 1Cr18Ni9Ti


  • Thermos Drainage Catheters 2×180mm
  • Technical requirement 1 Set


  • Outsize 480×340×690mm


  • NW 46kg