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Tri-Com 90 System

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The Tri-Com 90 is the perfect starting point for any novice extractor. This handheld device has the capacity to process 90 grams of flower. It is extremely portable and allows the user to carry this device discretely. The Tri-Com 90 hobby extractor comes with a mesh filter and filter plate so no extra items are required to extract. This extractor is exceptional value for money, and can be used for both test runs for larger commercial extraction or personal use.

All the Tri-Com series is modular and can be easily upgraded with our other kit, so should the extractor decide that they wanted to add Quadpods legs to the system it can be easily upgraded.

  • 1.5” x 12” stainless steel blast tube.
  • 1.5” filter plate.
  • 70 micron mesh filter.
  • 1.5” tri clamp.
  • Capacity 1.5 x 12” stainless steel blast tube.
  • 270ml solvent (0.64 x 420ml can Whip-It! Premium).
  • 53-91g of material - Please note, capacities are an estimate based on ideal material condition. You should allow for a 20% tolerance either way, depending on your biomass preparation.
  • Never put butane filled tubes in the freezer.
  • Always use in extremely well ventilated OUTDOOR areas.