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Viton Gaskets

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BHO Hardware offers a variety of gaskets, specifically chosen for differing needs of extractors across the globe.

Viton Tri-Clamp gaskets offer excellent compression set resistance and are designed to resist most oils and lubricants. Viton has an exceptionally broad range of chemical resistances which makes Viton seals a perfect option for most applications involving oils, fuels and mineral acids, and these seals also boast excellent resistance to oxidation, ozone, weather and mould. Viton seals are perfect with the use of Butane and Propane, you should expect to get extended use of the seals, however you will need to replace these occasionally, the cost is minimal so should be a problem.

BHO Hardware kits come with Viton gaskets as standard unless otherwise specified. Viton Gaskets shouldn’t be used with MZ12X or Dexso (Dimethyl ether). The working temperature of Viton seals are between 200°C and -20°C. The seals can offer an excellent seal for 48 hours at 315°C.

It’s important for the extractor to check all the seals prior to each extraction to make sure they aren’t defected in anyway.