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Hurricane S 1200 Pro Kit

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BHO Hardware's Closed Loop “Pro” Complete Extraction Kit solutions are designed to provide the user with everything they need to turn their biomass into a more premium essential oil. These kits also make the extraction process more efficient by cutting down the run time by half.

The Hurricane S 1200 Pro Complete Extraction Kit has top of the range equipment at the right price, enabling the user to get the best results first time round.

The user will be able to process between 800G - 1KG, depending on how finely the biomass is milled. The Hurricane S 1200 extraction system is one of our more comprehensive systems and when used in combination with 9.5” Condensing Coil, production time can be cut in half.

Please note, capacities are an estimate based on ideal material condition. You should allow for a 20% tolerance either way, depending on your biomass preparation.

The pro kit comes with Helios 1.9 Cu/Ft Vacuum Drying Oven which is paired with the Aitcool 8 CFM Rotary Vane Pump. These pumps can be on for prolonged periods unlike a standard vacuum pump. They also pull down to lower vacuum levels, increasing the degassing process. 

Hurricane S 1200 Closed Loop Extractor

The Hurricane S 1200 Closed Loop Extractor is one of the more professional mid-weight closed loop systems in our range allowing the user to extract between 800 and a kilo of biomass per run. It now comes equipped with non-kink hoses, 4” filter plates with all the relevant filters so that the user can start extracting right out of the box. 

This top of the range system will not leave you disappointed. Each part of the system has been cleverly designed, allowing enough solvent space in each part of the system for the user to make multiple passes per run. 

The solvent tank and base on this system allow for a sizable increase in biomass production by simply upgrading the material column to a larger one. The system will allow for upwards of a 2-kilo capacity, while still being able to make 3 passes per run.

The Hurricane S 1200 Closed Loop Extractor comes as standard with a Nitrogen Assist Gas Inlet Valve which is a great addition to the system.

In addition to using the port for pushing nitrogen though the system, the Nitrogen Assist Valve also doubles up as a vacuum pump port enabling the user to vacuum out the system from the material column. This means that the user can remove the material column from the base while recovering the solvent over to the reclamation tank, saving lots of time between runs.

Once the material column has been swapped out, the user can vacuum out the new material column plus the solvent lines back to the reclamation tank, leaving no air in the system and creating negative pressure once again.

This extra port at the top can also be used to bleed the system safely outside when necessary.

The Hurricane S 1200 comes with: -

  • Dual sight glasses on both the base and recovery tank.
  • Solvent level indicator
  • 3 x non kink hoses allowing for a dedicated Vacuum/Nitrogen Hose.
  • Quick release coupler (for nitrogen and vacuum port outlets)
  • 316 colour coded taps
  • 316 fittings, making our systems the most durable on the market
  • Pressure gauges at each stage
  • Filter plates and filters
  • Nitrogen gas inlet valve

For more information about the Hurricane S 1200 please click here.


The user can choose between two of the best butane mixes on the market, Newport 400ml or Whip-It! Premium 420ml. The kit comes with more than enough solvent to fill the System so the user will not have to worry about running out.

For more information about our Solvents please click here.

Honey Slick Premium Pre-Cut Oven Sheets

The kit comes with our premium PTFE pre-cut oven sheets. These sheets are pre-cut and thicker than anything currently on the market, making them better quality and easier for the user to whip out a sheet and start pouring, limiting waste and increasing productivity.  Traditionally all PTFE sheets came in rolls for the user to measure out then cut.  BHO have already done that part and laid them out flat so that the sheets do not spring back on you while keeping the waste to Zero.

For more information about our Honey Slick Sheets please click here

Helios 1.9 Cu/Ft Vacuum Drying Oven

Hurricane S 1200 pro Closed Loop Complete Extraction Kit comes as standard with the Helios 1.9 Cu/Ft Vacuum Drying Oven - these ovens are as good as bullet proof. Each one is tested by our in-house technicians for both Heat and Vacuum before they are dispatched. Each oven will have a green test certificate which means it has passed its heat calibration and vacuum test. The Helios 1.9 Cu/Ft Vacuum Drying Oven is oversized for the Hurricane S 1200 Closed Loop Extractor, giving the user plenty of room with the 10 shelves provided. Each shelf can hold between 80-150g. The shelves may hold more than this, but this makes the degassing process longer and harder. At the back of the oven there is a KF25 port to hook up to the pump that comes in this kit.

A 1-year warranty comes as standard with all Helios 1.9 Cu/Ft Vacuum Drying Ovens.

For more information about our Helios 1.9 Cu/Ft Vacuum Drying Ovens, please click here.

Aitcool 8 CFM Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump and Mist Filter & Fittings

The Pro Hydrocarbon Complete Extraction Kit comes with our Aitcool ARV 8CFM rotary vane vacuum pump.  Each pump comes with a UK plug and sufficient oil to get the user started. The rotary vane pump comes with 1-year warranty and is EC marked.  The kit comes as standard with an oil mist filter which the user can attach to the exhaust helping reduce emissions.  Vacuum Below and fittings to attach the pump to the oven are provided making set up easy.

The Aitcool 8CFM Twin Stage Pump, doubles up as a pump for vacuuming out the Hurricane S 1200 Closed Loop. The system comes as standard with a third non kink hose and hose tail connector, this is designed to link your pump to the base of the Hurricane S 1200 Closed Loop using the hose tail connector, to connect to a quick release connector found on the base. The hose also doubles up as the nitrogen import hose.

For more information about our Aitcool 8 CFM Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump please click here.

9.5” Condensing Coil Kit

Each Pro Complete Extraction Kit comes with a condensing coil assembly (comes with all connecting parts) helping reduce the time it takes to process the biomass. The slowest part of the extraction process is moving the solvent from the base back into the recovery tank. 

The vapour needs to condense back into a liquid, by using the 9.5” Condensing Coil and dry ice the surface area of the solvent passing around the heat exchange is maximised speeding up the condensing process dramatically.

For more information about Condensing Coils please click here.

Cleaning and Maintenance 

Keeping the inside of your kit clean is important, especially the ball valves.  We advise to clean all the insides of the ball valves at the end of the days runs, this will stop the valves from sticking and becoming hard to operate.  Nitrile Gloves are also provided to keep the user from burning themselves on the Iso Propanol provided for cleaning down the system and workstation.

For more information about Isopropanol please click here

Please note we are only able to ship butane to the UK. Butane products in orders made from elsewhere will be refunded. If you'd like further information, please give us a call


Please note, in the case of stock shortages, you may receive an alternate brand of butane gas of an equal or greater value. The price you pay will remain the same.

Please note, capacities are an estimate based on ideal material condition. You should allow for a 20% tolerance either way, depending on your biomass preparation.